My intent is to explore uncommon collisions of color and form, scale and movement. I want to rattle the bones of a building, shake common perceptions of concrete reality. I want the temporal elements shifting between both the original architecture and my imagination. I see immense possibilities dividing line, pattern and color. all potential new visual possibilities. The division of line is paramount. The original geometric intentions of structure degrade, line will wander and divide, spaces and color create new context. These images create a world off kilter, where conventional space is fraught; as if caught between positive ends of magnets. AIPAD 2017RIT University Gallery 2017Mending WallFourth DimensionMagnificent Mile ChicagoAmerican PieMidtown MadnessBrooklyn BridgeDetriot #1Broadway Centre, SLCChicagoRomanesque RevivalChutes and LaddersEighth Avenue FriezeOde to Ocean ParkGotham MosaicIncident on East MainCanal Plaza PuzzleAtlanta #3